The Phoenix FM Bible : information for Phoenix FM presenters

Phone call to air - studio 1

Putting a phone call on air in studio 1

1. Make sure all the channels - including the phone channel - are switched on (ON buttons immediately above the faders should be lit up).
2. Also make sure CONN is OFF on the PHONE fader on the desk.
3. Ring the person on the phone - or ask them to ring us.
4. As soon as you've dialled the number / as soon as the phone is ringing, press the Conn button on the phone channel. This transfers the call from the phone to the desk.
5. Press the two CUE buttons on the PRESENTER channel and the PHONE channel and keep both faders on these channels down. You can now talk to the person on the phone, but it's not going out on air. (It's obviously best to do this during a record)
6. When you're ready to put them on air, turn off the two CUE buttons and put the faders up.
7. When you've finished, you can go to a record, press CUE and bring the two faders down again. You can talk to them off air before you end the call.
8. When you have finished the call, hang up by turning off CONN on the phone fader.

So to summarise:

Dial/answer phone
Connect to desk: CONN on
Talk off air: faders down, 2 x CUE on
Put them on air: faders up, 2 x CUE off
Talk off air: faders down, 2 x CUE on
Hang up: CONN off