The Phoenix FM Bible : information for Phoenix FM presenters

Phone call to air - studio 1

Putting a phone call on air in studio 1

1. Make sure all the channels - including the phone channel - are switched on (ON buttons immediately above the faders should be lit up).
2. Also make sure CONN is OFF on the PHONE fader on the desk.
3. Ring the person on the phone - or ask them to ring us.
4. When they answer, talk to them as normal using the phone receiver.
5. When you're ready to put them on air, put the receiver on the desk (not back on the phone), press CONN and then push the faders up. They're now live on air.

Recommended levels for the faders:
- presenter mic low - maybe only 1/4 the way up
- telephone high - all the way up

6. When you've finished, turn off CONN and turn down the faders. You can now talk to them off air again before you end the call.

Also please note!

The top dial on the telephone channel is not a gain - it's the caller volume. If you turn this up too high you will get feedback, so the recommended action is not to touch this.

To summarise:

Dial/answer phone
Talk to them on the phone receiver
Put them on air: Put receiver on desk, CONN on, faders up (you 1/4 way, them all the way)
Talk off air: CONN off, faders down, talk on receiver