The Phoenix FM Bible : information for Phoenix FM presenters

Christmas and New Year scheduling

We have a standard policy on how the schedule operates every year:

1. We run a normal schedule up to 6pm on Christmas Eve.
2. On Dec 24 after 6pm, it's optional if you want to do your shows.
3. On Dec 25 and Dec 26, the station is "closed" but you can come in if you like to do a live show.
4. From Dec 27 to 6pm on Dec 31, the schedule is operating again as normal.
5. On Dec 31 after 6pm, it's optional if you want to do your shows.
6. On Jan 1, the station is "closed" but again you can come in if you like.
7. We are back to normal on Jan 2.

On Dec 25, Dec 26, Jan 1 and after 6pm on Dec 24 and Dec 31, I assume people are not coming in and I wipe all programmes from the schedule.

Anyone can pre-record a show to be put out during the "closed" periods (6pm Dec 24 - end of Dec 26, 6pm Dec 31 - end of Jan 1). This can be anything but Christmas/New Year specials are popular. I try to keep the same shows in the same slots as usual but I also give priority to time slots in the following order:
1. People presenting live shows
2. People who have "lost" their shows because it falls in the "closed" period
3. Everyone else

In practice if you want to record a special show for Christmas or the New Year we will find a space for it to go out (unless we have a massive increase in these this year, in which case I will let you know if that looks like happening).

I need to receive all pre-recorded shows by Dec 21 to give me time to schedule them.

Finally, if you're not affected by the "closed" dates but you need time off or you want to record a show instead of coming in to do it live, I need to know this too ASAP.